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Calm Sea


Depth-oriented Care

When the edifice of whom we think we are or how we have been managing begins to crack do many individuals feel enough discomfort, "symptoms," to seek therapy for insight or just to feel better.

Sometimes the loss of a loved one, end of employment, or a combination of factors can feel so overwhelming that we are forced to stop and bring attention to what the Self, the totality of the personality, is wanting for us—deepening into, rather than merely outer striving or grinding on. In this unfolding we look to the wisdom of the symptom. This message from the Self is expressed in metaphor and image which transcend personal-level insight.

Once therapy is undertaken, for some the work may be short-term, four to ten sessions, depending upon the urgency of the issues and financial resources. This brief self-care commitment may serve to clarify, redirect, and prompt healthy change. For others, longer term service to Self is embraced. Exploration of dreams, family of origin factors, as well as identifying and resolving internal conflicts and any underlying trauma can be involved in both short and long-term work. So often it seems to be the case that we are simply learning how to get out of our own way.

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