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Your Guide Through Troubled Waters

The well-being of the family hinges upon the strength of the marriage, hence satisfying, stable marriages are not only critical to the healthy development of individuals but to our survival in general. For some, the family of origin may not have offered an optimum model, and a repetition of the same behaviors and approaches may be resulting in significant discord in the adult offspring's relationship or marriage. Troubling life experiences along with faulty messages from media and associates can also serve to compound the difficulty.

When couples come to a therapist they may be seeking a way to improve their communication. Either one or both individuals may be at such a point of frustration that a break up is taking place or being considered. Or an affair may have occurred. If both members of the couple are sufficiently motivated for change, we can begin to explore together for the strengths within their relationship as well as the limitations, barriers, or stressors blocking their satisfaction and experience of emotional intimacy.

Typically, we meet weekly for a period of time, moving to every other week consistent with the progress of the work. It is customary that I meet individually with each member of the couple once as part of the overall therapy. The work of John Gottman, Ph.D. (Why Marriages Succeed or Fail), the concepts of Imago Therapy, along with family systems theory, inform my perspective. My approach is one of facilitator to the couple, working through their process until both feel they have arrived home anew.

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